Additional HR Services and Consulting

The salary survey and compensation packages

In order to have motivated and satisfied employees, a company needs to keep up with trends in the industry in which it operates. The survey of salaries and benefits allows our Clients to compare salaries and benefits for both the general and specific job positions.

Human Capital Solutions is developing the study of wages, which is closely related to individual industries – food processing, automotive, construction and energy sector, environmental protection and IT industries. Through a practical and simple form, and with a quick and easy use, the Client is provided with relevant data and qualitative basis for planning an effective system of benefits as to further attract, motivate and retain quality staff.

Employee testing

In addition to the structured interviews and assessment of professional skills (check expertise through knowledge tests specially designed for these purposes), HCS is qualified to perform psychological testing. This type of testing is aimed at each tested individual to determine the potential of performance for selected activities, evaluate general and specific intellectual abilities of Candidates, potential for development as well as motivation for personal development.

Testing is organized in accordance with Client's requirements and needs. Based on the accurate job descriptions and requirements for that posting, HCS uses specific test models and methods. Testing can be done individually or in groups.

Based on the test results, evaluation of dominant skills and key competences relating to job position, each individual receives a report on the test results, opinion of a psychologist as well as recommendations for further directing or career path in the company.

Defining job positions

In accordance to the requirements of the workplace, results and expectations that employees should meet, HCS consultant scans job position in order to optimize it, make it precise and understandable.  This way an employee can easily and accurately see a complete picture of the job position in order to be most productive at work and to be easily measured and trained by its superior.

Providing expert advice on legal employment normative

External consultant with more than 15 year experience in this field of business can provide expert advice and resolve all doubts on State legislation, work engagement, deadlines, contracts, rights and obligations of employees and employers.

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