Novi Sad

Level: medior/senior

Type of employment: full time

Model of work: hybrid (1 day/week from home). Flexible work time

Team members: 2+ (senior)

The Opportunity:

 Our client is a company that has been operating for over 50 years in Austria and 10 years in Serbia with offices located in Novi Sad.

If you are a proactive person, who takes an analytical approach, you will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge industrial hardware and sneak a peek into the Robotics systems of the largest European and worldwide clients.

You will join the International Team of people who deliver software solutions for the development and commissioning of applications for next-generation safety controllers.

In addition to good experts and the experience you will gain here, you will also find family-oriented employer. 


When it comes to work-life balance, you can expect:

  • Private health insurance (plus sick day which allows you to be absent from work without necessarily going to the doctor)

  • Workplace culture energizers (such as table tennis)

  • Compensatory time (no lost overtime hours/minutes)

  • Ability to reduce workload for a defined time

  • 22 vacation days (+additional days for loyal employees)

  • Self-learning time (10% of total working time)

  • Internal library, training, online courses, conferences participation

  • Accumulated overtime work (used as a day off or paid extra)

  • The budget for personal development is not explicitly defined

  • Agile approach to career management (continuous and regular sessions with the manager for mutual feedback, teamwork on continuous improvement of all aspects of work in the company)

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Development and maintenance of features assigned to the team

  • Working on legacy and new codebase

  • Develop, port, and debug Linux device drivers, kernels, and bootloaders

  • Customize board support packages (BSP) for our hardware to provide additional functionality, e.g. software updates

  • Create and maintain Debian based system and land them on custom hardware

  • Building software for embedded systems

  • Providing support for testing of bootloader and Linux system

If you are someone who has this set of skills:


  • In possession of a bachelor or master’s degree in software engineering or electronics.

  • 2+ years of Linux development experience with a preference for embedded platforms. Debian packaging experience a plus.

  • In-depth understanding of modifying and updating Linux U-Boot, kernel and device driver.

  • Comfortable using basic electrical diagnostic equipment (oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, power supplies, etc.).

  • Good C and C++ programming skills and knowledge.

  • Experience in scripting languages (e.g. Python, Bash, etc.).

  • Experience with version control, git.

  • Good reading/writing/speaking English.

  • Excellent communicator who is flexible and accessible.

  • Willing to travel to Linz once in a while.

Nice to have:

  • Extensive experience with Linux–configuration, customization, system calls, performance, debugging with GDB, boot time optimization, cross compilation, new device bring-up

  • Knowledge and exposure to basic hardware design and the ability to read electrical schematics

  • Experience with the real time extension in Linux

  • Experience with Linux init system

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