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Is there anything more effective than interviewing employees to determine career development potential? Can we reduce the risk of missing out on recruitment even though the candidate made a good impression during the job interview? Can it be structured while being simple and practical?

The answer to all is YES! You can do this with an integrated simulation exercise system designed to generate behaviors like the one you need to succeed in your target business or in other words, using the ASSESSMENT CENTER!

The Assessment Center is an evaluation technique used for all types of roles and for people at different stages of their careers, including:

  • Executive and middle management roles

  • Management selection

  • Development and training of employees

  • Trainee positions

Why would you use AC?

  • Research has shown that the best predictors of success in the target business (CIPD, 2008)

  • They are highly valued by employees / candidates as they demonstrate the transparency and fairness of the evaluation process during career or employment development

  • More objective (less risk of personal bias)

  • Put applicants in an environment like the one they would work in and make the most of ability to predict performance and real-time job review

  • Save time and costs by reducing risk and making the right decisions in harnessing human resources

Just give us a call and we will prepare a customized exercise specifically for your assessment process to better reflect your company's competencies and criteria.

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