Due to the trend of centralization and company restructuring on the global market, many organizations are forced to cut back on certain job positions, even entire business segments. In order to facilitate their employees transfer proces of to other companies and to eliminate the risk of legal repercussion as well as to prevent destabilizing the working environment, outplacement program is used as a powerful solution in managing these uncomfortable situations and delivering results.

HCS delivers professional one-to-one coaching services, tailor made to meet the unique needs of an individual and the organization, in order to help employees move to the next stage in their career. The outplacement programs assist Clients at every level to discover and promote their market value. “Our outplacement management service makes the transfer more reliable.”

By understanding the real importance of personalized, one-to-one contact and the benefits of a flexible service model, our senior consultant will work with the employee to define the direction, focus and program to deliver the desired result.