Market Research in Human Resources

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Many companies use regular advantages of human resource research services so that they would benchmark the situation within its organization with the real situation on the labor market.

Human resources research projects most often include:

  • Frequency and availability of specific profiles of candidates, movement trends, short term projections and risks on fluctuation of employees on the labor market

  • Key motivation factors in retaining employees and attracting top candidates

  • Recognizing companies brand awareness on the labor market and advising on the improvement measures

Research on salaries and employee benefits

Human Capital Solutions is engaged in the development of salary studies, which are closely related to individual industries – construction, food, automotive, as well as the energy, environmental and IT industries.

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Employee satisfaction survey

One of our services is job satisfaction survey. The purpose of this questionnaire is to review all the factors that influence employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The questionnaire is anonymous and tailored to your company's needs. 

This will give you a complete picture of your company's strengths as well as room for improvement, with clear guidelines and recommendations on how to achieve it.